ASTM F24 Standards: What to Know – PRE10

204 RCC February 6, 2020 8:30 am - 3:30 pm

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Jeff Borba
Jamie Barrow

Workshop will review ASTM F24 standards and balloting requirements. This will include F2959 Aerial Adventure and supporting standards, such as F2291 (design), F1193 (manufacturing, installation and commissioning), F770 (Owner/Operator) and F2974 (Auditing/Inspection). Attendees will also review inspection findings from ASTM audits on Aerial Adventure Courses (AAC). Course curriculum is authorized by ASTM International

Workshop objectives for attendees will include:
1. How ASTM balloting process works.
2. How to use F24 standards on Aerial Adventure Courses (AAC).
3. Review actual inspection findings when using ASTM F24 standards.
4. Welding and NDT requirements.