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Challenge Course Practitioner Certification Exam – TT19

NCSU February 9, 2020 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

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Andrew Morris
Chris Kuczkowski

This workshop is designed for experienced operators seeking a Level 1 or 2 Challenge Course Practitioner Certification. Challenge Design Innovations will administer ACCT-accredited certification testing to include written and practical exams. Testing will take place at NCSU, a traditional-use challenge course. Candidates for certification testing must submit a portfolio and resume documenting eligibility for the corresponding level, type, & system.

*Components & systems available for testing include: low/spotted, traditional static, vertical dynamic, & traversing dynamic, gravity-brake zip line, flying squirrel, & pamper pole. Contact if you are seeking certification in additional components or systems.
*We highly recommend attending the general session workshop “”Mastering the Written Exam”” in order to better prepare for certification testing.

Learning Objectives:

– Obtain clear and constructive feedback on performance during written and practical exams for Level 1 or Level 2 Challenge Course Practitioner Certification; AND
– Understand the scope & limitations of Practitioner Certification and requirements for maintaining certification status; AND
– Obtain Level 1 or Level 2 Challenge Course Practitioner Certification; OR
– Obtain constructive feedback on requirements to remedy any failures and instructions for retesting.