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Cultivating the Power of Moments – IB13

306C RCC February 8, 2020 8:30 am - 10:00 am

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Lisa Hunt

In a hotel in LA next to the pool, there is a red phone – a popsicle hotline. Memories of details quickly fade, but the moment of discovering the popsicle hotline has left guest with a powerful memory that results in five-star reviews. What is your program’s popsicle hotline? We will explore moments that amplify experiences and create powerful takeaways.

Participants will:
Reflect on the powerful moments that have shaped them as practitioners, look carefully at how those moments came to be, and use them to build moments for others.
Learn about the components of Powerful Moments (based on the book by Chip and Dan Heath titled The Power of Moments), such as elevation, pride, insight and connection. Explore the concept that moments can be intentionally crafted and still be authentic.
Consider their own work (and workplace) and intentionally create and share ideas for powerful moments that are rewarding for everyone involved, and stay with customers after they go home.