Facilitation and Programming General Sessions

Educational Use Collaborative Forum – FP7

105 CCC February 8, 2019 8:30 am - 10:00 am

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Jason Marker
Kevin Trump
Nate Folan

Come join us as we collaborate/discuss/play/connect. This session is designed to connect and work with each other alongside some of the ‘experts’ (names to be added later…) as we explore what’s going on in our respective arenas. We will share what we’ve been working on, what’s new, what have you done that others can learn from, what are the frustrations/challenges you are facing, and how can we help you grow?

Learning Objectives:

(1) Connection among educational use practitioners (similar work and challenges)
(2) Shared resources and space to connect with bigger questions; time spent with PVM’s, authors, ‘experts’
(3) Deeper understanding of the educational use side of our industry and ways to enhance programs.