Facilitation and Programming General Sessions

Experiential Creative Generalist: Choice of Change – FP41

205 RCC February 8, 2020 10:15 am - 11:45 am

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Kim Neal Wasserburger

Often we are backed into the corner of our own opportunity and given the choice of change. As creative generalist guides “alchemist trash pickers” utilizing adventure programming, expressive arts, body/life stories, and perspective, we will explore, move, laugh, reflect and open up to CHANGE. Be prepared to experience: music, dance, guided imagery, overt/covert processing, sensory exploration and more.

Learning Objectives:

Participants will understand “Experiential Creative Generalist”, and apply it to their practice. To go beyond protocol to draw on group experience, cultural expression, developing common language and the sharing of transferable ideas and concepts, defining and refining the perception of change that shapes attitudes then behavior with choice being the defining moment. Transferring the change to other contexts will be explored. STORIES: Family history, myth, rituals, choices and consequences, impact of music, the arts, communication styles, and relationships will be explored through experience in the moment. The value of depth in the face of superficial culture will surface. Clinician self care and engagement/detachment from the change process will flow through the experience.

Informational/media/stimulus overload and accessibility is contributing to task specialization creating a generation devoid of the ability to see subtle change. When canned protocol and procedure fail, being able to think creatively and understand that the only limits of experience are the parameters of the imagination becomes imperative. Technology has become an enemy and an ally of meaningful human connection making the integration of both into experience facilitation a balancing act. Embracing what technology has to offer while maintaining the integrity of direct personal sharing of ideas and emotions will broaden the reach of experiential education and therapeutic adventure. The element of “Choice” is/has been integral with EE making the use of “clean”, non-coercive opportunities to choose change imperative.

Social and ethical:
In developing an understanding of the concept of the Experiential Creative Generalist, participants will be exposed to taking multiple sources of information and experience then utilize it to become more comprehensive, creative, and inspirational facilitators/educators/therapists, learning how to “cross cultural borders-replete with unique languages, customs, traditions, politics, religions, senses, technologies and philosophies”(Steve Hardy-The Creative Generalist). Developing this understanding /skill will contribute to assessing “who shows up” to your expedition, class, or group and aid in creating a context or environment where the most effective and transferable outcomes of change can be achieved.