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Meaningful Reflection Brings Learning to Life – FP19

303 RCC February 8, 2020 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

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Jennifer Stanchfield

Take advantage of teachable moments and bring learning to life with engaging reflection techniques. Enliven the traditional sharing circle with active, brain-based strategies including movement, metaphor, reflective games, art, and interactive dialogue to increase relevancy, depth of understanding, and create lasting lessons. Join in this interactive session and gain inspiration and practical tools for weaving meaningful reflection throughout your program.

Attendees will take away:
1. Ways to enliven the traditional sharing circle with active methods to facilitate meaningful reflection that meet the diverse needs of learners
2. Techniques to increase relevancy, meaning, depth of understanding, and connection to future learning situations
3. Methods for using metaphor to create meaning and relevancy, exploration of the use of art, objects, journaling and movement in reflection
4. New insights on the concept of reflective practice- viewing reflection as an ongoing and enjoyable part of learning experiences rather than a “add on” or “follow up” chore