Facilitation and Programming General Sessions

Playing With a Full Deck – FP5

CCC February 8, 2019 2:45 pm - 4:15 pm

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Michelle Cummings

Sometimes the simplest prop can have a big impact. This workshop will be jam packed with 10 of the best teambuilding activities using a simple deck of playing cards. All activities will be hands on and active and are simple to use with any group in any setting. Come prepared to play a lot and learn even more. Jokers welcome.

Learning Objectives:

1. Have new and exciting activities they can use immediately using a simple deck of cards.
2. They will be able to use the philosophies of learning styles and multiple intelligences in their practice. The workshop will include activities that tap into each learning style of the participants they may encounter.
3. Experience what it’s like to be a participant again! They will be doing the activities as they learn them. (and are guaranteed to have fun at the same time!)