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Profiting from Evolving Online Search Trends – IB17

203 RCC February 8, 2020 8:30 am - 10:00 am

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Abigail Burt
Jennifer Winters

Search trends are continuing to evolve and owner/operator’s websites should reflect these new organic marketing opportunities. Taking advantage will allow for meaningful content that positively impacts the user experience/journey and search engine visibility.

Learning Objectives:

* Mobile Index – Google shifted to mobile-first index in 2018. This shift requires owners to think about mobile and desktop equally. Tips on how to evaluate both mobile and desktop versions of your site.

* Content Optimization: Structured Data – Structured data / schema are snippets of information that help google understand the content of your site. This markup can give owners the opportunity to show up in more searches. We will review top industry structured data / schema and how it will help.

* Voice Search – Setting up your site to have opportunities in voice search. As voice assistants and AI grow in popularity. Google speakable markup allows businesses to tell the search engine what content is best suited for playback using text to speech (TTS). How to implement and prep for the future.