Stretch: Comfort Zones, Choice, Contemporary Theories- FP20

What’s the impact of trying something new? There are many contemporary theories that validate the significance of choice and value of stepping out of our respective comfort zones. The gist: with a growth mindset, choose to be vulnerable, acknowledge discomfort, choose a response, level up, experience flow, feel more connected. Come ponder a massive mash-up of relevant theories and stretch.

Learning Objectives:
• Explore a variety of theories and research that validate the invitation and action of stretching into new situations.
• Understand the connection between all theories and research presented and the work we do with groups.
• Better facilitate participants’ choice to stretch and know why it’s important and delicate.

Facilitation and Programming General Sessions
Location: 100 Date: February 4, 2017 Time: 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm Nate Folan