Team Building from the Toy Aisle – PRE6

306C RCC February 6, 2020 8:30 am - 3:30 pm

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Matthew Broda
Trevor Dunlap

It’s time to open grandma’s game closet and re-see some of the many game classics (and new to you crowd favorites) in a new light. Using design, game-based, and experiential theories, we will deconstruct a wide range of existing mass-market games and re-envision them for use as purposeful and engaging tools for personal and organizational development.

Learning Objective:

1. Recognize the central design elements that facilitate the development of successful experiential tool.
2. Recognize and infuse game-design elements into a re-envisioning of existing resources.
3. Utilize existing experiential theory to develop a new structure and outcome for an existing game or learning tool.
4. Participate in a maker-space experience that synthesizes all three objectives above in the production of a new and unique experiential tool.
5. Facilitate and debrief as self-designed new and unique experiential tool with the group.