Facilitation and Programming General Sessions

The ABCs of Engagement & Relevance – FP2

303 RCC February 7, 2020 8:30 am - 10:00 am

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Trevor Dunlap
Matthew Broda

Many times, it is the simplest of ideas that can have the most profound impact. We will focus on an experiential methodology that strips away the trappings of equipment/material heavy facilitation and focus instead on using a simple “alphabet deck” that participants will experience as a scaffolded progression of activities designed to foster deep collaboration and experiential engagement.


Learning Objectives:

As an experience-driven workshop, our goals and learning objectives are threefold.

First, participants will develop an understanding of how low-prop methodologies can create and extend engaging learning opportunities. Shedding the glitz and glamour of material-based experiences, simple and relevant experience design can open new doors for facilitation.

Second, we want attendees to participate in a learning process that is authentic, scaffolded and instructive. Simply, we will be “doing” for the sake of learning.

Finally, it is our hope that participants come away from the workshop with hands on exercises that can be integrated into programming decisions immediately.