Training-the-Trainer: Educator & Risk Manager Extraordinaire! – POST4

Omni Sundance 4 February 4, 2018 8:00 am - 12:00 pm

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Leslie Sohl
Robert Pearce

Description: Anyone can train right? Yes! No! Maybe? This workshop looks at Training and being a Trainer as a specific job with a specific skill set. While 8 hours is not enough time to cover everything, we want to provide some ideas for Trainers on how to prepare, deliver, and document the trainings they are conducting – beyond the obvious.


Learning Objectives: We will look at what makes trainers similar or different from other employees in your company. Let’s discuss: besides the “obvious” task at hand (to teach skills) what else is a Trainer responsible for? Between presenting information, attendees will have the opportunity to work in small groups on some of the skills and ideas presented. And if we are on our game, we may even role model how to run a training for Trainers!