Facilitation and Programming General Sessions

We Got Props-You Got Game – FP8

303 RCC February 7, 2020 10:15 am - 11:45 am

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Joshua Friedman
Lizzie Lange

In this workshop you’ll have the opportunity to use your creativity, spontaneity, ingenuity, and inspiration to design, explore, and build new games and initiatives.
We will provide a bunch of unusual and random props and dare you to go all in to create games.
There will be an atmosphere of competition and collaboration as we go on this journey together.

Learning Objectives:

Not only will participants be experientially creating and doing activities, the presenters will:
(1) Explain the importance of progression for designing and implementing activities
(2) The keys to deep and impromptu facilitation
(3) The importance of thinking on your feet and adapting with clients
(4) We will make amazing new initiatives and inspire empowerment and invention in the process.