Nate Regier – Keynote

Ph.D., Co-founder, Owner, Chief Executive Officer of Next Element

A former practicing psychologist, Regier has a doctorate in Clinical Psychology. He is an expert in social-emotional intelligence and leadership, positive conflict, mind-body-spirit health, neuropsychology, group dynamics, interpersonal and leadership communication, executive assessment and coaching, organizational development, team building and change management. An international advisor, he is a certified LOD master trainer, PCM certifying master trainer and co-developer of Next Element’s Leading Out of Drama training and coaching system. He was the principal driving force behind the design and validation of NEOS®, Next Element’s flagship
outcomes measurement tool. He is co-author of Next Element’s first book, Beyond Drama: Transcending Energy Vampires, and author of the recently released book, Conflict without Casualties.


The ACCT Conference Work Group received multiple recommendations from attendees requesting for Nate to serve as our Keynote speaker. Many in the ACCT community are familiar with Nate’s philosophies and teachings, as well as how they relate to our field as Next Element has been serving our industry for years!


Next Element built their reputation on delivering high-quality, high-touch, and high-impact leadership development programs. We are ecstatic about having Nate as our Keynote, as well as having the Next Element team hosting a pre-con training and multiple general workshop sessions, in addition to representation in the expo.  Their sessions are happening Thursday through Saturday and you’ll want to be sure to get to them early as they are sure to fill up quickly!

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