Colorado State University-Pueblo in partnership with the ACCT is proud to offer YOU, as an attendee of the 2021 ACCT International Conference and Expo, the opportunity to gain Continuing Education Units (CEU) issued under the seal of CSU–Pueblo’s Division of Extended Studies. 

Demonstrating your earned CEUs to your organization or employer can help increase your chance for promotion, salary raises, or chance to make a career transition as it demonstrates your commitment to continued education, enhancing your marketability as an employee.

The Conferences and Short Courses Program (CSC), under the Division of Extended Studies at Colorado State University-Pueblo, boasts an array of partnerships, collaborations and cooperation’s with a plethora of high quality training centers and facilities in and throughout the region, the contiguous US, and abroad.  We provide CEUs as a standard unit of measure for continuing adult education and training activities, under the qualified direction and instruction of our partners. 

The ACCT’s CEUs from CSU-Pueblo demonstrate to you and your organization or employer, a continued gain of the newest and most applicable information in a specified field of study.  If you or your organization requires CEUs in continuing adult education, please contact us for questions, or complete the registration link to earn CEUs for your participation in this year’s ACCT Conference.

We look forward to serving you and your continued educational needs.  For more information, please contact the Colorado State University-Pueblo’s Division of Extended Studies at (719) 549-2849 or at extendedstudies@csupueblo.edu.

CEU’s for the ACCT Inspector Certification Exam (ICE) Program will be handled separately. Please click here for more information about ICE CEU’s.