Service Crew


ACCT Conference Service Crew is an opportunity for individuals interested in volunteering during the conference in exchange for a discount off the conference registration fee. This is a great way for individuals to connect with others in the industry and assist with many aspects of conference operations.

Service Crew Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Service Crew members called Yellow Hats?

Individuals that apply and are accepted to Service Crew are called Yellow Hats. This name was given because during the ACCT Conference, Service Crew members are wearing a Yellow Hat; this highly visible color indicates they are ready to provide exceptional customer service to our conference attendees. 

How do I apply for Service Crew? 

The Service Crew application will open on the Service Crew page on the ACCT Conference website late spring / early summer. The application remains open until the start of the conference. Once the conference begins, we close the application form on the website. It will reopen a few months after the conference (late spring/early summer). 

What are the benefits of volunteering on Service Crew?

The opportunity to build your network and make new friends are not the only benefits of being on Service Crew. Check out these great benefits of volunteering as a Yellow Hat:

  • 50% discount off the conference registration fee
  • Opportunity to sign-up to volunteer for a Pre-Conference Session (first come first serve; one Yellow Hat is assigned to each session)
  • Service Crew only social at conference (you get to meet ACCT Staff and Board Members!)
  • After serving on Service Crew for 1 conference, you are eligible to apply to the ACCT Conference Work Group (if there is an opening)

What is expected of me if accepted to Service Crew?

As a Yellow Hat, we expect the following:

  • Respond to pre-conference communications in a timely manner
  • Attend the mandatory trainings (we’ll let you know when these are and they’ll count towards the number of hours served)
  • Fulfill the hours required to receive the 50% discount (Number of hours will be explained in the Service Crew contract when you fill out the application; this number changes depending on the type of conference, virtual or in-person)
  • Show up to your shifts on time
  • Wear your Yellow Hat while on shift
  • Provide exceptional customer service to all conference attendees

I still have questions about Service Crew. Who do I contact?

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about serving on the Service Crew. Please contact us at Note, we’re volunteers just like you! However we serve ACCT year-round in addition to our full time responsibilities outside of ACCT. Please be patient in our response. If you need immediate assistance, you can contact

Meet Your Service Crew Coordinators

Leigh Carruth

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Years Served: 2005 - present       

Why I Volunteered for Service Crew:

As I think back to the first time I was a Yellow Hat, I was a broke college kid looking for opportunities to get more involved in the Challenge Course Industry. My professor told me the ACCT Conference was a great way to get a discounted rate at the conference and get connected in the industry. I applied, was accepted to Service Crew, showed up at the conference and knew no one. Being a Yellow Hat opened up a world of relationships and service opportunities to me that I have cultivated all these years. I love being part of the backbone of the conference. I love serving and being someone people can go to to ask questions. I love being the conference concierge and mascot. I feel like when I wear my Yellow Hat, I am a superhero.

Carina Surface

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Years Served: 2015 - present       

Why I Volunteered for Service Crew

My first time as a Yellow Hat was at the 2015 conference in Palm Springs. I had just graduated with my Master’s in Leadership Development at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, North Carolina. I asked my challenge course manager and mentor how do I use my degree and skills on the challenge course and make it a career? My mentor said I MUST come to the ACCT Conference and sign up to be on the Service Crew. They said it would be a great opportunity to connect with people working in all parts of the industry, meet ACCT Staff and board members, and not to mention, the discount for volunteering would make it affordable to come. They were right! When I served as a Yellow Hat, I had so much fun I wanted to come back year after year. I not only built my network within the industry, I made lifelong friends too! I continue to volunteer today because I want to help create an amazing experience for future Yellow Hats that is even more exceptional than I had.