Educational and/or Camp Use Focus Intermediate Content Tier Operations and Management

Demystifying Course Inspection- OM9

Center Street D - Hilton February 12, 2022 2:45 pm - 4:15 pm

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Rachel Iversen
Shaine Middleton

This workshop will provide detailed information and practical examples of how a course manager inspects a ropes course during periodic or monthly inspections. This includes what tools are used, how hardware is checked, etc. This workshop is great for those transitioning from facilitators to managers, as well as those curious about the nuts and bolts of such inspections.

Learning objectives:

  • In this workshop, you will learn how to inspect ropes course hardware.
  • In this workshop, you will learn what tools are used when inspecting ropes courses at height
  • In this workshop, you will identify what specific ACCT standards apply to course inspection.