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Effective Debriefing Tools and Techniques – FP15

D133/134 - Oregon Convention Center February 11, 2023 10:15 am - 11:45 am

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Michelle Cummings

Workshop Description

Are you good at the games but not so good at the debrief? Do you ask questions and get blank stares from your participants? This workshop will focus on 10 effective debriefing tools and techniques that are simple and easy to use. We will break each technique down and demonstrate different games or activities teaching the concept. Experiential teaching methods!

Learning Objectives

• Participants will learn 10 simple & effective debriefing techniques, as well as 10 innovative processing tools that demonstrate each technique. Attendees will receive a stellar handout with instructions for activities presented.
• Understand the value of mixing up your processing methods so participants & facilitators do not get stuck in a rut.
• Attendees will experience the workshop in a hands-on, experiential way that involves attendees in the learning process.