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Ropes: Everything you need to know. – TT20

E142 - Oregon Convention Center February 10, 2023 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm

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Gary “Big Dog” Cwidak

Workshop Description:

Exploration of the construction, use, and physics of the ropes used for safety systems, climbing, rescues, elements, and why to choose the most appropriate.
o History of ropes
o Materials used in ropes
o Rope construction and use
o Types of ropes
o Physics
o Analysis of Fall effects
o Forces on a ropes course
o Options in rope selection

Learning Objectives:

Expected tangible skills and/or outcomes for the attendees.
Participants will be able to inspect many different ropes, fibers, construction, and components.
Participants develop a better understanding of the dynamics involved in keeping participants safe.
Participants will be able to understand the options available to them to better meet the particular needs of their clients.
Participants will be able to better understand the maintenance and retirement guidelines for their equipment.
Participants will develop a better understanding of the decisions to be made in choosing equipment.
Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the chemistry, construction types, and technical specifications of ropes.
Participants will better understand the dynamics, fall factors, and physics involved in rope use.