Facilitation and Programming General Sessions

Trauma-Informed Facilitation and Training – FP23

E147/E148 - Oregon Convention Center February 10, 2023 10:15 am - 11:45 am

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Josephine Linden
DeAnna Pickett

Workshop Description

When we craft our programs and trainings with intention and awareness, we can create more depth and meaning for participants. In this workshop, we will engage in common experiential activities through a trauma-informed lens. We will experientially explore and discuss the importance of sequencing, group assessment, language, and choice in creating accessible and trauma-informed programs and trainings.

Learning Objectives

1. Gain a deeper awareness of the impacts and manifestations of developmental trauma
2. Learn how to use sequencing, assessment, language and choice to make programs more accessible
3. Identify and reinforce strategies they are already using that are healing and supportive for all participants