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Women Who Paved the Way – IB3

Virtual January 29, 2021 9:00 am -

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Jennifer Stanchfield
Kathy Haras
Leslie Sohl

Join this “fireside chat” with some of the founding women of ACCT. This group of dynamic women volunteer leaders were highly involved in the early years of the organization and have continued to be instrumental in developing ACCT, contributing to the field, and empowering other women professionals. Jen Stanchfield and Kathy Haras will facilitate a conversation with their fellow women who paved the way: Cindi Walker, Camille Bunting, Sarah Oosterhuis, Mary Bridges, Brenda Reed, and Michelle Hepler. The conversation will be centered around their personal histories as women in the field, their many contributions as volunteer leaders, researchers, and change agents, the evolution of the organization since the 1990s, the importance of the work and voices of women, and opportunities for the future.

Learning Objectives:

  • Attendees will engage in conversations around the concept of barriers and opportunities to provide women equal success in the industry, including current issues being faced.
  • Attendees will review the history of women in the industry – within the ACCT association, and the importance of that work.
  • Attendees will network with peers and allies and have the potential to develop points of contact for future discussions.