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Authentic Marketing- Referrals, UGC, Advocate Marketing – IB6

Virtual January 26, 2021 9:00 am -

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Ryan O’Grady

How do I reach a new audience with an authentic message? A lot of marketing advice is about top-ten tricks, or cookie-cutter techniques. It’s often about how to maximize advertising to strangers using paid or search advertising. While there is value in these tools, most businesses know that referral and repeat bookings are how to build stable growth.

Learning Objectives:

  • How can you market authentically during a crisis with a simple message of thanks to past guests.
    We will show results and examples that any business can replicate from campaigns of zipline, aerial park and camp operators that sent past memories to guests and include a simple call-to-action: “Here are your photos from when you visited us. We hope you enjoy looking back on a happy memory during these stressful times. We’d love it if you could share them with friends and family.”
  • How Guest Photos and Videos gain referrals: As soon as a photo of one of your guests is captured it has the potential to generate referrals, UGC and brand advocates. Photos that aren’t provided to guests become worthless when your visitors leave. In order to turn every one of your guests into a potential brand advocate, it’s essential to make sure that all guests have the means to share their experience.
  • Why authentic marketing- referrals, UGC and Advocate marketing work to grow business.