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Call for presenters:

What are the session tracks and why are they important? 

FP – Facilitation / Programming

These workshops speak to facilitators, challenge course managers, trainers/testers and anyone looking to improve their program. Facilitators can find workshops in this track that can add to their “bag of tricks” when working with participants. While other workshops in this track focus on ways to build and strengthen your programming. 

IB – Industry / Business 

This track is great for individuals & companies looking to gather more detailed insight on the industry, hearing straight from ACCT leadership, as well as from those on the frontline of our industry. These workshops focus on topics that reach all facets of our industry.   

OM – Operations / Management

The OM track speaks to attendees that serve in a wide variety of management roles within our industry. They are looking to acquire insight and data on how to operate and manage an aerial adventure park, zip line tour or challenge course program. 

TR – Trainer

The TR track is meant for individuals, trainers, operations and vendors that focus on conducting training for practitioners in the aerial adventure, canopy, and challenge course industry. 

TT – Technical Topics 

Perfect for those interested in learning more about the technical side of the challenge course industry. Also contains workshops relevant to ACCT Inspector Certification Exam (ICE) applicants. 


What are additional things to consider when thinking about creating a strong workshop submission?

What happens after I submit a proposal? 


What do the Workshop Coordinators do with the information received from the WRTF? 


When should I expect to hear if I’ll be presenting at the 2024 conference?