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Authentic Marketing- Referrals, UGC, Advocate Marketing – IB6

Virtual January 26, 2021 9:00 am -

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Ryan O’Grady

Referral and repeat bookings are a key component in building stable regional and domestic business growth. Join this collaborative session to share and discuss techniques to increase online WOM referrals, social shares, UGC, brand advocacy, reviews, PR and support the regional and domestic business growth for challenge courses, zip lines, canopy tour & aerial adventure/trekking parks.

Learning Objectives:

– How to generate referrals.

There are many ways to gain and increase referrals. We’ll start by explaining with examples and results on how providing guests with photos generates online WOM referrals, social shares, UGC and brand advocates. Then we’ll discuss other techniques you’ve used to increase referrals.


– How you can market authentically during a crisis.

We’ll start with real world examples and results that any business can replicate from recent campaigns of zipline, aerial park and camp operators who sent past memories to guests and included a simple call-to-action.  Then we’ll ask you to share and we’ll discuss techniques in authentic marketing to past guests.


– Why authentic marketing including referral, UGC and Advocate marketing work to grow business and what other techniques gain results in authentic marketing.