Bee Lacy

Bee Lacy (she/her) is the Director of Exhilarate Programming at the Forge; Lemont Quarries. As Director, and in her previous role as the Ropes Course Manager, Bee has managed and overseen the operation of one of the largest aerial adventure parks in the world since it’s opening in 2020. Starting out as a seasonal canopy tour guide nearly a decade ago, Bee has since held roles in many facets of the industry including operations, training, inspections, and program development. In addition to her work in park operations and with PVM’s, Bee has also been a contributor to Adventure Park Insider Magazine and a volunteer with the ACCT which has allowed her to share expertise and enthusiasm with those across the industry. Bee believes in the creation of intentionally inclusive experiences, cultures, and environments and that adventure (in its many forms) is for everyone.